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Use this form to apply for an ITS centrally provided blog. Please allow five working days for your blog to be set up.

The blogging service is provided to support teaching and learning, research, and administration at the University of Otago. If you would like a 'personal' blog , there are a number of publicly available services, such as and

You must be a University of Otago staff member to request a blog

Blog Details

If this blog is teaching-related, you should include the paper code - e.g. 'GEOG215'. In most cases, you should NOT include a year (otherwise you will need to request a new site every year). We cannot change the site name after it has been set up, so choose carefully.

(up to 100 characters - e.g. 'Behaviour and the Build Environment')

Who should have access to the blog?

If this blog is private, who would you like to view/read your posts?

Who else needs to edit/upload material?

  • Contributor - can download podcasts and write posts for approval
  • Author - can download podcasts and publish posts
  • Editor - can delete podcasts, upload podcasts, download podcasts and publish posts
  • Administrator - can change themes, delete podcasts, manage users, upload podcasts, download podcasts and publish posts

Blog Owner